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Konnichiwa and welcome to the third version of my page! Now, I know that there are a lot of "Kims" out there who have anime pages, but it's very hard to rename my site when I have no clue what to name it, so this name stays! Anyway, this is a semi-image gallery, but as you can see on the menu to your left, I do have other stuff besides that. Just use the menu on your left to navigate around. Enjoy!


-Farewell Announcement-

Well, after about two and a half years with sporadic updating, I have finally decided to close this down. Why? Well, I haven't had anything else to add in here, and running 3 sites is a bit of a problem. I still love anime; I just don't have the time to update this page anymore. College and work takes away so much of my time, which was why there was just very little updates.

This site will still be here until Tripod decides to take it away, I guess. You can look around over and over again, but the only difference is that there will be no more updates.

I'm still going to maintain my fanfiction/fanart website, and reconstructing the Final Fantasy website, so no worries: I'm not dead just yet.




There's a petition going out to ask Sony to animate the Revenge/Jinchuu Arc. Please sign it and make the best arc (in my opinion) of the series happen!

Sony Petition for Revenge Arc

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