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Oooh...what can I absolutely say about this nifty anime made by the ever so awesome CLAMP cast? Hehehehe....

I'm dying to see what the TV series and the original manga is like after watching the movie. Have to thank AyanamiChan for lending me her DVD. I absolutely *loved * this movie! X just rocks ^^.


Anyhoo, one with the general plotline. Shiro Kamui returns to Tokyo after six years of absence, signaling to the Dream Watchers (Hinoto and her younger sister, Kanoe) that the battle between the Seven Dragons of Heaven (DOH)and Earth (DOE)will begin. His mother had died in some sort of freak accident, and she reveals to him that he must return back to Tokyo to see his future and protect the ones that he loves, his childhood sweetheart, Monou Kinoto and her older brother Fuuma. Kamui has two meanings to his name: 1) one who hunts the majesty of God and 2) one who represents the majesty of God [got this info from Rabi's X Page], so Kamui has to choose whether to join the Dragons of Heaven or the Dragons of Earth, but he actually doesn't really care about the future of the world. All he cares about is that he can protect Kotori and Fuuma with all the power he has.

However, that's not the case with the seven Dragons of Heaven and the seven Dragons of Earth. Their battle begins, starting off with the most powerful (Sumeragi Subaru of the DOH and Sakurazuka Seishirou of the DOE). Both die in battle and the first of the seals of Tokyo falls. Kamui sees this battle, but he pays nothing to it as he makes his way to where Kotori and Fuuma live. The childhood reunion between the three is interrupted by the confrontation of two of the DOE (Nataku and Shougo Asagi) and the remaining six of the DOH. Kotori is kidnapped by Kanoe in order to lure Kamui to join the DOE, but she didn't know that Fuuma came after her. She sees Fuuma's "future" and begins to lure him in to become the leader of the DOE. Why? Highlight below if you like spoilers:

Fuuma is destined to be Kamui's other half. Whichever side that Kamui chooses to be on, Fuuma automatically joins the opposite side. They are destined to face off. Knowing this, after a while, Fuuma just goes insane and kills everybody on the DOE, with his only goal of killing the DOH. He has no memory of who or what he was once he goes insane, only that he is Kamui's other half, and this tears Kamui to pieces because he doesn't want to fight against his best friend. In his insanity, Fuuma kills Kotori in order to get the sword that she possesses inside her womb (this is how Kamui's mom died because she gave her sword to Kamui in her freak accident). Kamui and Fuuma face off when it's only them left and Kamui is forced to fight him or else let the world fall into the hands of destruction. Poor, poor Kamui-chan ^^.

Anyhoo, with that pushed aside (ah, I can't help it, I like spoilers, okay?), the seven DOH are supposed to protect the Earth from destruction while the DOE want to destroy it. The DOH create these barriers in which they seal off the entire world from the battle going on and sending any damage into a different world. However, if the caster dies, then the barrier goes along with it as well and *kaboom* goes the destruction.

The seven Dragons of Heaven consist of (not in any order, mind you):

Sumeragi Subaru - 13th head of the Sumeragi clan and top sorcerer in Japan; he has had a dark past with fellow DOE, Sakurazuka Seishirou

Aoki Seiichirou - editor of a major magazine in Japan, loving father and husband who is able to control the wind very effectively; he and Kasumi Karen are usually seen together, but their relationship is strictly proffesional ^^.

Kasumi Karen - a prostitute who only finds animosity in the brothels because of her ability to control fire (the "fire master" if you want to call her that) scared people; you can tell that she's a prostitute from the way she dresses ^^

Arisugawa Sorata - a really cocky, cool guy (monk? looks like it ^^) from Osaka (of course, you gotta have someone from Osaka!) whose specialty is lightning; he has this thing Kishuu Arashi because he vowed himself to die in front of a beautiful woman ^^

Kishuu Arashi - a beautiful young woman who possesses the ability to take out a sword from her arm and use it very effectively; she's usually stoic and calm

Nekoi Yuzuriha - the youngest of the Dragons of Heaven, so the others are pretty much protective of her when it comes to battle though she doesn't like being left out; she has this dog named Inuki who helps her, and it can only be seen by others who have supernatural abilities like the DOH and the DOE

And of course, their leader is the ever reluctant Kamui.

The seven Dragons of Earth consist of (again, not in any particular order):

Asagi Shougo - a little-known, cocky, young man who is the "water master", rivaling Karen's power; he's only in the movie from what I know, so dun expect him to be in the manga or anything

Sakurazuka Seishirou - one of the most powerful sorcerers, rivaling with Subaru; he's had a dark past with Subaru

Yatouji Satsuki - a computer hacker genius who melds with her computer, "Beast" literally; sometimes, though, Beast is a little bit too jealous when Satsuki's attention is elsewhere besides it

Nataku - Nataku is basically created; looks like a guy, but Nataku's true self is from a young girl who died early and was wished to be recreated; he (since I still say that Nataku's a "he" when he really isn't) is the most ruthless of the DOE, containing no emotions whatsoever; wields a white cloth as a weapon ^^

Kigai Yuuto - one of the first DOE that Kanoe gathered, a civil servant; wields a whip-like weapon that he can telepathically control

Shiyuu Kusanagi - another rarely known DOE who runs into Yuzuriha at the subway station in the movie and sees Inuki; very very powerful in brawns ^^

And their leader: Fuuma

The Dreamgazers (or dreamwatchers) are Hinoto (DOH) and her younger sister, Kanoe. The only reason why Kanoe decided to gather the DOE was because she wanted her older sister's freedom, who is blind, mute, deaf, and still looks like a child. The entire movie ends with a climatic ending which I won't tell cuz you have to see it ^^.

Anyhoo, I really liked this movie. It seemed a bit rushed though, because you really can't put an entire series into 100 minutes of film without taking out some parts. So, that is why I'm going to get the manga and then get the TV series on DVD ^^. The animation was really cool as well as all the emotion that you can feel coming into you as you watch it. Once you feel like that the plot's going to die down, another conflict ensues. And in the end, you either have tears in your eyes or shout at the TV screen saying "that's all?!?". Despite the movie being very confusing at first (well, don't blame me, I've never seen the TV series before this ^^;;;), a person new to X will understand what's going on just fine ^^. It still felt a bit rushed, though. That's the only thing that bugged me, but I can't really blame the staff ^^.