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Tasuki is this badass, "I'll-kick-your-ass", bandit who just happen to be the leader of the Mount Leikaku bandits (or was it Reikaku?...aahhh Osaka accent is so hard to decipher). Well, he wasn't the leader, at first. The old boss liked him so much that after his death, he wanted Tasuki to be the leader. Tasuki wields the Tessen, which is kinda like a metal fan that shoots out fire. Tasuki hates women, but not really, ya know? It's because he was sick and tired of being the youngest of five with four older sisters who just LOVE to torture him ^^. He's...KINDA like Tamahome in a sense (they are like brawling brothers) in which he doesn't really like to think with his head much ^_^. But I still love him anyway.


"Lekka Shien!!" ~ This is what Tasuki shouts out to produce flames from his Tessen.

"Dragonfly! Miaka's odango atama! (meatball head!), etc., etc." ~ Er...remember that episode when Chichiri wanted to ask Tasuki something while he was drunk? Yeah......