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Hee hee hee, Miyazaki does it again! Just as you think that Princess Mononoke was cool, Spirited Away leaves you filled with fanfiction ideas and WAFF.

I'm not going to go into too much detail in this one because it's a movie that you just have to see, not read.


Anyhoo, the movie starts off with a young girl named Chihiro and her family just moving into a small, quaint town after some problems in the city. Chihiro is a bit depressed because of all of this not just because she has to move, but she left all of the few friends that she had. The family try to take a shortcut to their new home but end up taking a dead end to an abandoned theme park. This is where all the trouble comes in when Chihiro leaves her parents (who are gobbling up food) and finds what seems to be an abandoned bath house. Well, she figures out wrong and enters the spirit world (it's actually the god world in the original version, but showing it in the U.S. and all, you have to censor that part somehow: hence the title Spirited Away) where she meets Haku. Chihiro has to find her way back to her own world and save her parents in the process. And that's where I will leave off.

This movie is filled with humor, utter WAFF, and some more humor. Nope, it's not as bloody as Princess Mononoke. It's more like Laputa. You have to root for some characters and then despise others while laugh your heart out at Chihiro running into walls ^^. I highly recommend watching this movie. And a warning to fanfiction writers who are writing at least three stories or more at once: be aware of the cliffhanger.