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Slayers is probably one of the most comical anime that I have ever seen. I borrowed the entire series from a member of the anime club at my school after watching episode three at AnimeExpo, curious to see what Slayers was all about. Well, I figured it out soon enough ^^.


The animation was very very bad, but I dealt with it because the humorous plot kinda carried me along the way ^^;;; Anyhoo, Slayers first starts off with the introduction of Lina Inverse, a fifteen year old, physically underdeveloped, sorceress who raids bandit camps to take their treasures and sell it off at some shop. She's a really good sorceress and can perfectly take care of herself.

In the first episode, Lina meets Gourry, a really DENSE mercenary-for-hire, who "saves" her from the remnants of the Dragon Fangs. He mistakes her for a kid, and only came to "rescue" her because he thought that he would save a pretty lady in distress. Honestly, Gourry fits the role of a dumb blonde ^^. Oh yes, he looks like a replica of Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi, but the looks are where the similarites end. Gourry acts NOTHING like Nakago.

Anyhoo, still mistaking Lina for a kid (and Lina playing along for a while), Gourry decides to escort Lina to her destination. Along the way, he finds out many of Lina's spells, including the most powerful black magic capable to cast: Dragon Slave (hee hee, me and AyanamiChan grin and laugh evilly whenever we hear the incantation). After about two episodes of nothingness and plain random stuff (random is good), we finally get to see the plot and Lina gets involved. She and Gourry meet Zelgaldis who is a chimera (part demon, part golem, and part human) that is in search of a statue that Lina holds. There's a whole bunch of plot twists and random stuff (like Lina can't cast any magic because it's "that time of the month"), and you find out that the main meanie is Rezo, the Red Priest.

After about halfway through the series, Zelgadis (who turns out to be a good guy in the end) leaves Gourry and Lina and another quest begins. The three of them are wanted for crimes that they had never done, and Lina is determined to find out who is making these false accounts. Along the way, Gourry and Lina meet Amelia (the justice girl ^^) who is the daughter of a fairly ugly prince (ruining Lina's dream of a cute prince on a white horse) and Sylpiel who was connected on a chance meeting with Gourry in the past (and he only remembered her because of her great cooking). Zelgadis meets up with the gang once again as they soon figure out who was making false accusations against them.

Slayers, the first season, all in all was pretty cool. I liked all the different spells and incantations (hehe) as well as all of the random stuff that was going on. It turns out that Lina and Gourry are equals in appetites (ie, as in eating a LOT of food...I sometimes wonder how they get the money to pay for it all ^^;;), Zelgadis is tragic yet cool (he's *still* looking for a cure to his curse as a's all about the tragic characters!), Amelia's a klutz when it comes to jumping off of anything that's higher than 3 feet, and Sylpiel is the innocent little maiden who is totally in love with Gourry (she keeps on calling him Gourry-sama). Copy Rezo's laugh scares me to death....

The only thing that annoyed me was during the second half: Zangalus (sp?) and that clone dude (dun remember his name, but I will forever remember him as clone dude) who were after Lina and Gourry were ALWAYS after them. Gar....