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This month's review is the new OVA for Rurouni Kenshin called Seisouhen (sp?). It's supposed to follow or complete the first OVA (the one about Kenshin's past) and also complete the series.

Seisouhen begins during the time when Himura Kenji, Kaoru and Kenshin's only son, is around fifteen years of age. He has run away from home and is in search of being the strongest; even stronger than his father. Kenji seeks the help of Hiko Seijurrou, Kenshin's master, and has stayed since then.

Kenshin was on a journey to China and help the people in need over there. He has long given up the sword for he doesn't have the ability to use the Hiten anymore and helps others in a much different way than he used to. He's also very sick, though he tries to hide it. His disease came from long ago and until now, it had remained hidden in his body for the past twenty years or so.

Kaoru patiently waits for his return and she too is also sick with his illness. Yahiko is a studly young man now (more of a Sanosuke lookalike with "Aku" on etched on his sleeve's shoulder) and is staying at the Akabeko with Tsubame and the rest. Megumi had returned to Aizu, her hometown. And Sanosuke...well, he was travelling around the world and looks totally different from before.

The first episode of the Seisouhen deals with a lot of flashbacks from the series, although they have been altered (I think it's because the character designer in this one is the same for the 1st OVA, not the series). We also get a glimpse of the Jinchuu Arc at the end, although it wasn't really accurate to the manga. The first half of the second episode deals with Enishi's return and the final battle between Kenshin and Enishi, while the second half deals with the Kenshingumi and their efforts to bring Kenshin and Kaoru back together.

What do I have to say about Seisouhen? Personally, I was a bit disappointed. It looked a bit rushed, although the animation was great. I guess I was expecting more of the Jinchuu Arc rather than the ending. But like Watsuki-sensei said: if he would do over Jinchuu, he'd probably just put Enishi against Kenshin rather than having all of those villains coming in. But still....I would rather have the entire Jinchuu arc to watch rather than read instead of Seisouhen. Like the first OVA, there's a sad parting at the end, so you would need lots and lots of Kleenex ^^. K&K fans should be warned and should like it at the same time.