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Saitoh Hajime


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Ruthless, clever, and just plain cool. Third captain of the Shinsengumi, Saitoh Hajime, and the remainder of Mibu's Wolf. Now, he is an undercover police officer working for the Meiji government and what Saitoh calls "picking Japan clean of fleas". He has a wife named Tokio (much to everyone's surprise) who is so far left hidden from the RK viewers.That doesn't mean that we can make up what she's like ^_^


"You can tame a dog with food, a man with money, but you can never tame Mibu's wolf." ~ This, is sooo true. It actually sounds better when Saitoh says it, though ^^.

"Aku. Soku. Zan." ~ the motto for the Shinsengumi (well, it's for all of the clans during the Bakumatsu, but Watsuki tends to put it with the Shinsengumi) which Saitoh still keeps; means "Sin. Swift. Slay" but a lot of people translate it to "Kill. Evil. Instantly." (Thank you, Atheon, for telling me this!)