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And you though that I just go for the new anime. Robotech (originally Macross in Japan) is a very long anime series that came out in the 1980s, and it was the first real Japanese anime (although Ninja Turtles was cool) that I saw when I was only around six years old. There are three seasons, or generations, to Robotech and I've only watched the 1st and 3rd like around...20 times? Don't worry, my brother's a lot worse. He practically knows what's going to happen next in each line to come (plus he's got the songs stuck in his head, too ^^.)

I would've watched the 2nd generation as well, but it was so boring that I fell asleep about 20 minutes through the first episode ^^.

Anyway, Robotech (the first season anyway) is circled around the fall of an alien spacecraft that crash landed onto Macross Island in the year 1999, ending the Global Civil War (where the entire world is fighting against each other). Millions of people have died because of the spaceship's landing, but the few that have survived have called for peace and began to research about the ship. It turns out that it is high in technology, and one of the new government's finest scientists, Doctor Lang, is able to create machinery and weaponry (as well as everyday household stuff) through the use of what he calls Protoculture.

Who would've thought that this ship was being searched for by the former owners? Ten years later, after Macross Island is basically newly populated because of the spaceship (now called the SDF-1) an alien race called the Zentradei come down to retrieve the newly rebuilt SDF-1. It seems that the creature who was previously on the ship, Zor, carried something very special that another alien race called the Invid is searching for. The new crew of the SDF-1 is forced to do a hyperspace fold, which has never been tested before. After the fold, Macross Island and the SDF-1 find themselves at the edge of Pluto's orbit with their fold generators completely vanished. So, they've gotta take the long way home with the Zentradei on their tail.

There are basically three main characters: Rick Hunter (an amateur pilot who is thrusted into reality and joins the military to become a rather respected pilot), Lisa Hayes (Rick's former superior officer who just thinks of her duty and not her own emotions [Rick calls her an "old sourpuss" when they first meet], also Rick's 2nd love interest), and Lynn Minmei (a very annoying yet very popular singer who is the key in subduing the Zentradei, Rick's 1st love interest). The secondary characters are really cool and either try to help the three main characters, or discourage them for whatever reason there may be. And, as you can tell from the descriptions, there is a very BIG love triangle in here.

The Zentradei, for your information, is an alien race who is programmed for war, basically. All they do has to do something with fighting. They're about twenty times bigger than humans, but their genetics are nearly identical to humans. When the Zentradei first meets the human race, it's basically confusion. The Zentradei can't understand why we're mixed (co-ed, the Zentradei's races of male and female are separate) and why we aren't fighting and whatnot. What scares them the most is kissing (go figure).

Third generation of Robotech is completely different than the first. This is also my favorite generation ^^. There are new characters: Lt. Scott Bernard of the Mars Division (not to mention the ONLY survivor of the division *sniff*), Rooke, Rand, Annie LaBelle (the youngest out of the gang), Lunk, Lancer, and Marlene aka Ariel. It takes place about 20-30 years after the first generation, and the Invid race has finally found the Flower of Life, the being that Zor stole and put in the SDF-1 before crash-landing onto Earth. So, the Invid has taken over Earth to feed on the Flower and killed most of Earth's population ^^. The survivors are those who despise the military and hide in fear of the Invid, living in their own walls of life. Scott Bernard and the Mars Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Forces have orders to go down to Earth and destroy the Invid's Reflex Point, their HQ. However, unlike the Zentradei, the Invid are ruthless in battle. Their pods are basically impenetrable with only one weak spot that you have to time correctly. They are very smart and are able to metamorph into something else, including morphing into humans. See, they basically have no body, they're just blobs of....stuff, with the exception of the chosen ones that the Regis (the queen Invid) changes to their own forms.

There's a lot of tragic deaths, and like I said the first generation is really drawn out yet it really keeps you captivated in your seat to know what happens next. You yell at certain characters for their stupidity (*cough*Rick*cough*), mourn for those who have to suffer, cheer those who just kick ass in whatever they do, and hate certain characters just for what they are *cough*Kyle*cough*. I can't say much about it since there's so much to say and so little to say about it to not spoil the plot for you. Okay, here's a clue: there are ROBOTS in there for all you mecha fans. You can't help but like the numerous amount of missles there are for the planes (hehehe). Oh yeah, and this anime series is for both guys and girls (guys go for the BOOM and the shooting, girls go for the plot and romance^^)

Whew, another long semi-review. I think I kinda just rambled....