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Relena Piececraft/Dorlain


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Now...why does this girl have two different last names? Is she married? No....Relena's real last name is Piececraft (or Peacecraft), the youngest daughter of the pacifistic Piececraft family and Zechs' little sister, but she was taken away by the Dorlain family during the extinction of hers. The Dorlains have treated her like their own daughter and never told her of her true blood until Mr. Dorlain's death. also one of few who can break through Heero's cold exterior to see his true side. Relena as a person is stuck in the place of trying to be the pacifist that her dead father wanted to be and the naive teenager she once was. Eventually, both settle in a compromise and Relena becomes the Earth's prime minister like Mr. Dorlain.