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Hehehehe....well, I decided to make all the updates on this page a separate little section on its own because well, we're going to have lots of updates!

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12/19/00 ~ Merry Christmas, minna! Weeelllll, there's more fanart in the fanart section and some new fanfiction coming soon! Oh, did I mention that there's MORE pics in some of the galleries? Hopefully, there's going to be some more info in the info page and some of the sections will be opening! Oh, and some more GW pics coming soon as well!

10/26/00 ~ More pics in the fanart and RK galleries....I've been so busy with school that nightime is the only time which I can update.. Hopefully more will be coming soon when I have the time.

2/1/01 ~ [Ok, so I kinda skipped this one....]

2/9/01 ~ Hee hee hee...I think midterm aftermath is getting to me....well anywayz, there's a new fic on the Fanfic page and an update on The Return of Chaos. More coming soon!

3/17/01 ~ [Ok, I skipped this one too....]

3/20/01 ~ [And this one...hey, I'm not perfect, no da!]

4/12/01 ~ Yet again another update! Now, we have the Rurouni Kenshin information page up and some new updates on current fanfics as well as some more fanfics up! Booyaka!

5/8/01 ~ Huzzah, I got yet ANOTHER fanfic up! This time it's FF8 and has been really popular from the readers. And I've also added some misc. sayings that I put up just for the fun of it too. you can see, I have changed the background a bit. The other way was way too weird for me and took up some space, so I changed it slightly! Oh, and I added some new pix on the FY gallery. Anyways, enough rambling. BTW, I put more Fushigi Yuugi Info (thanks to Mikaela, you rock!) and maaayyyybbeeee some summaries. But that's about it. More to come soon!

6/7/01 ~ The Fushigi Yuugi Gallery is currently down due to reconstruction. But it'll be up soon, hopefully! Oh, new chapters to Angels, To Forgive and Forget, The One to Love and the final chapter to Ayame-chan's Search for the Perfect Muse. Did I ever mention that there's also a new fic up? I also changed the setup of the fanfic section and added some more links n stuff. Enjoy!

7/2/01 ~ The Fushigi Yuugi Gallery is back up! And yes, there's more pictures to go in there!! I also FINALLY updated the fanart page!! Woo-hoo!!! Only 5 days to go until I go to the AnimeExpo2001!! I'm soo happy. 'Specially since school's out, I have a lot on my hands. New chapters added: Ayame-chan and Ayanami_Chan's Search for the Joint Muse, Angels,Two Sides of a Sword, To Forgive and Forget, and The True Victor. Oh, yeah, I also got tons more bishonen if ya wanna see! ^_^

9/4/01 ~Wazzah!!! It's the page's 1st year anniversary! Arigatou, minna! Okay, so I'm a bit late, but well....booyaka. If I had the counter ever since I put the page up, then I'd have lots of people like you coming in ^_^. Anyhoo, as you can see, the background has once again changed slightly. The only backgrounds that haven't changed are the Sailor Moon pages. *Hopefully*, this background format'll last longer than the others and take less time to load. Lessee...updates? [And then that long lil' introduction of my muses ^_^]

9/7/01 ~ Darn! I gotta go back to school again =(. I'm starting on Monday, September 10th. Oh, well, anyhoo, I'll TRY to continue on my montly updates, but don't be surprised if I didn't the next month. Anyhoo...I'll leave this one to Chichiri to tell ya ^_^. (Da! Arigatou, Ayame-chan, na no da. I'm happy to help out, no da!) Oh, Chichiri, you're so nice ^_^ (Anyways, no da, more fanfart has been added! More bishonen on Ayame-chan's bishonen page are added! And more links have been added as well, no da!) Chichiri, you're forgetting something. (Oh, yeah, no da. Ayame-chan has also added in a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Opinion page, no da! You can e-mail her on what you think about the movie, no da!)

9/12/01 ~ Yes, the page is back on. Well....nothing much on updates. I've got the second chapter for my Journey to France up and that's about it. Been too busy with home and school to do much else. Hopefully, I'll make a big update next month.

10/26/01 ~ Well, I've got LOTS of updates to tell ya ^_^. I'll hand it to Tasuki now: [ Oi, why do I have to do this?] It's payback, baka. [ $#&*(@#&$%...I told you that I'm sorry fer breakin' your CD!! Damn... Okay, here goes nothin'... The Neon Genesis Evangelion gallery is up. A couple of more pictures have been added to the Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing,and Rurouni Kenshin galleries. And Ayame-chan found some more bishounen/bishoujo that she caught, too. New chapters were ^&$& added for the following fics: Chapter 11 and a side story for Angels, Chapters 6 and 7 for The True Victor, The final parts for Ayame-chan's Journey to France except for the last part {that was a real *][&%^* horror...NEVER have your $^%%*& authoress go on anime withdrawl...scary...}, Chapters 5 and 6 for Two Sides of the Sword And chapter 9 for To Forgive and Forget. And there's a @#$^%& lil' form thing-a-magig if you wanna submit anything to this site. They're on the #@#%$^%#%@# fanfiction and fanart pages....] Good boy, Tasuki. [Yeah, yeah, whatever] (Tasuki-kun, have you been playing too much Final Fantasy VIII lately, no da?) [No, I haven't dammit!] Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I hate high school!!!! Gar...

12/23/01 ~ More fanart has been added! I've revamped the entire fanart gallery so it would be KINDA easier for you (those people who have lowly 56K modems out there) to load. Oh, yes, and I've fixed the Fushigi Yuugi information area. I just noticed that it was a bit hard to read with the new background and all, so ^_^. Final Fantasy shrine is up! Please go look and tell me what you think about it, minna! Let's see...what else? I'm done with Angels!! Wahahahahaha...please tell me what you think about the end, no da! Uh...I've added a new fic up. Oh and have an early Merry Christmas, minna! I'm working on the Other Anime section right now, so expect that to be up pretty soon. ^_^

1/31/02 ~ Not a fairly huge update today. I just added some more chapters to my fanfics, caught more bishounen, put in some awards that I won, and warped the links gallery a bit. That's pretty much it. I was busy with finals, so next month I'll promise for a huge update ^_^.

3/24/02 ~ Well, I've made the new layout for this site and I'm glad how it turned out, no matter how simplistic it might be. The old layout started to get on my nerves, so here's the result! I completely took out the Anime Information section because I just simply don't have time to update it, and it has been a while since I've updated that section anyway. I'm very sorry for those who liked that section, but I just simply don't have the time that I used to have. My scanner's not being accepted by my new computer, so I haven't been able to scan anything whatsoever =(. I drew so much, too! Oh, well. Anyhoo, I've completely updated on my fanfiction section so that it matches with the updates that I have with and The Image Gallery is undergoing construction right now and in due time it'll be completely back up. I'm really, really working on the Other Anime section, so expect that to be up pretty soon. That's about it!

5/5/02 ~ The image galleries are all back up! ^_^. Just realized after countlessly working on them that I had a lot of galleries on there. I took out the Evangelion galleries to make some more room. There's a few tidbits here and there on the Other Anime section *gasp*, which is FINALLY up, but there will constantly be updates on there because...well, I like to watch a lot of different anime, ya know? Remade the layout for my fanfics. That reminds me: I've been bad on my fanfics lately *facefault* Only one fanfic updated today and one fanfic completed. I've also created two more banners for my link to me page for those who don't want to use the big ones.

6/9/02 ~ For those people who have been trying to send me stuff and it seems that I haven't been able to give you a reply, please e-mail me what you were giving me again. My e-mail address has changed because the old e-mail server is going off the "free" service. So, just e-mail me again on the new one (it's been updated on the menu!) I've been able to put up some of my comments on the Other Anime section and reorganized that a little bit. I've taken out the Sailor Moon galleries to save some space, but I will put up a link to them on a different site once I'm done with finals and all. The Fushigi Yuugi Manga section has been changed, so all there is is the translated scans. I'll have this lil' thing for every time I update will be a new untranslated pic or something like that. Deleted the "Specials" in the Gundam Wing section: I'll translate them later. Deleted some of my old fanart as well as some of my old fanfics that I haven't updated in a while. Don't worry: some will be back up once I get cracking ^^. Some more fanfics up, guest fanart added, revamped the links page yet again, and....SCHOOL'S ALMOST OUT!!!! ^_______^

7/11/02 ~ My fanfiction and fanart sections have been set up on a different site cuz I'm running out of space! However, you'll see the updates on this page ^^. The site link is on the bottom. I've added some more fanfic chapters, some more guest fanart, and two new links are put on the links page. There's also a new award up on my awards section ^^. Changed my profile a bit and I've also updated the Other Anime section again with a new anime: Ayashi no Ceres. Oh, yeah, and there's my con report for AX02!! It'll be on the image galleries section until I get the photos developed.
8/21/02 ~ Whoo hoo, 2nd year anniversary! Wow, can't believe that I've had my site up for two years now ^^. Anyhoo, the fanfiction/fanart site has been updated. I finally got my AX02 cosplay pictures developed and they're on the image gallery section now along with my con report. New review is up: Rurouni Kenshin OVA - Seisouhen. Also caught a couple of more bishounen.
10/8/02 ~ Ah, finally another update! Sorry, people, but school's been getting to me ^^. I've changed my twin's website on the links page, added another "review" on the other anime page (The Legend of the Five Rings book series), added some more chapters on my fanfiction website, changed my profile a bit yet again (ah, yes, the multiple names I get...), and added a couple of more bishoujo that I caught in my spare time ^^.
12/17/02 ~ Weeeellll, after close to a month and a half, I've put up not one, but THREE (yes, you heard me right: THREE) reviews on the Other Anime Section: Slayers (classic season), X/1999 the Movie, and Spirited Away. I've also taken out the comics section for Fushigi Yuugi. The entire image gallery thumbnails have been revamped. I'm thinking of moving my site because I'm running out of space on the free server ^^, but not sure where just yet. Don't worry: I'll warn ya ^^. That's about all. Enjoy!
1/2/03 ~ Happy New Year everybody! Wow, I actually get the site updated so soon for once ^^. I usually update once a month, but I've been recently lazy and busy with school projects and such (which are EVIL by the way). Anyhoo, there is no new review this month. I added a new section for AnimeExpo 2003 (yes, I am going!) and uh....that's about it ^^. If you are people from the West High Anime Club, there will be some info for you guys. Mainly some of the important stuff for going and such. You'll probably see it before on my twin's site, but I'll be adding info about those interested in the Artist's Alley as well ^^. Anyhoo, enough rambling from me for now....
2/22/03 ~ Just updated the AnimeExpo 03 section a bit for West High Anime Club members.
6/03 ~ I dunno what I did ^^;;;
7/9/03 ~ My AX03 Con report is up! ^^. I'll have pictures coming soon.