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Ayashi no Ceres ("Ceres, the Celestial Legend" in the English version) is the darker side of Yuu Watase's work. If ya didn't know, Yuu Watase's the creator of Fushigi Yuugi. This series is very, very dark and angsty. Not as angsty as most people think, but it can scare the hell out of me at times.

In most parts of the world, there is a legend of a tennyo or celestial goddess who arrives onto Earth for a bath. She is discovered by a man and he forces her to be his wife because he holds the hagaromo: the item that tennyos need to return to heaven. It's just a legend...until 16 year old Mikage Aya comes into the scene. She is the reincarnation of the tennyo, Ceres, who is in search for her hagaromo. At the age of sixteen, any girl of the Mikage clan must be tested to see if a tennyo dwells in their blood. If not, then nothing happens. If so, then they are to be killed. Aya on the other hand is spared and plunged into a fight that she cannot escape from. Aya's twin brother, Aki, is the reincarnation of Ceres' nemesis and husband: the ancestor of the Mikage clan. Once this is found out, life is never to be the same again.

There's a lot of suicide, killings, and sexual scenes, but not much out of the ordinary. However, if you have watched Fushigi Yuugi in all its angsty/happy glory, then beware: this is NOT the happy-happy-joy-joy that you might expect.